My name is John Stone, owner of Artisan Handyman Services. I’m in business to repair and rejuvenate your home. I focus on quality work and great service at an affordable rate. My goal is to be the #1 handyman services company in eastern Jackson County, Missouri, by completing every job with the highest quality workmanship possible.


John Stone, Owner of Artisan Handyman Services
John Stone, Owner of Artisan Handyman Services

Artisan Handyman Services offers quality handyman services to homeowners and small businesses in the eastern Kansas City, Missouri, metropolitan area. AHS is owned and operated by me, John Stone. I have more than 15 years of experience as a handyman and specialize in work that homeowners don’t have the time or knowledge to complete. No job is too small!

Before my decision to work full time as a handyman, I worked in advertising design after getting my degree in graphic design from Central Missouri State University. While in college, I worked for a local home improvement company that allowed to me to gain the knowledge to perform repairs and service in electrical, plumbing, carpentry, window and door repair and much more. In addition to that, I worked on local rental properties performing general maintenance and cleanup, as well as on bank-owned properties.

So I am basically a handy person to have around that has a passion for helping you with your home repairs and improvements.

Why choose Artisan Handyman Services for your handyman needs?

Do you often hear your friends and family complain that they can’t find someone reliable, honest and clean cut to trust with their home repair needs? A handyman that you trust around your family and property? Someone that cares about your home and the quality of their work?

A handyman with all of these traits will not only make your life easier by saving you time and reducing stress, but can end up saving you money in the long run as well. You can be assured that I will do the job right the first time. I guarantee your satisfaction and am licensed and insured to do this work.

I do my best to keep my wait time as short as possible, so I can provide you with prompt service when you really need it. I’ll answer my phone when you call or return your call in a timely manner. (Most handymen don’t.)

I’m here to stay in the handyman services business, and I look forward to meeting you. Call me at 816-694-8171 for a free estimate!

John Stone, Handyman and Owner
Artisan Handyman Services