Day in the Life of Handyman John Stone

It’s been a busy spring for Artisan Handyman Services. I completed a variety of home improvement and general handyman “fixes” for my customers who live in Greenwood, Lee’s Summit, Pleasant Hill, et al. (My service areas are generally on the east and south side of the Kansas City metro.)

French door addition by John Stone of Artisan Handyman Services
New french door addition by John Stone of Artisan Handyman Services

Here’s a look at just a few of the projects I worked on — a “day in my life,” if you will:

  • Repaired a broken panel on a fence that couldn’t withstand our recent high winds
  • Replaced a sump pump and added a battery backup to it (good to have “just in case”)
  • Installed a french storm door for a customer (I like how the white on the new door is a nice match for the white window trim)
  • Nailed a rattling window shutter back into place, saving the home owner from having to climb up on the roof

As you can see, the handyman projects I work on range in size and complexity. My customers have a variety of needs, and I do my best to accommodate them.

Is there a home improvement or repair project inside or outside your home that I could help with? Contact me today for a free estimate.


How About Some Custom Shelves?

Custom can’t be beat!

Sometimes a little thing — like a custom shelf — can make all the difference in a small space. Recently, I made this custom shelving unit for one of my homeowner clients. The closet was somewhat small, but the amount of new, usable space my customer now has makes the most of what was previously a crowded corner.

If you could use a custom shelf like this or a complete organizer system created and/or installed, let me know. My service areas include Harrisonville and Independence. (See my other service areas here.)

Look What’s Lurking in Your Dryer Vent!

Goodbye, dangerous build-up

This photo of a dryer vent pipe clean-out illustrates why it needs to be done at least every year to prevent dryer vent fires. This vent pipe went straight up to the roof for about 10 feet and is one of the more difficult to clean.

If you don’t want to tackle this messy job yourself or another household hazard, give me a call at 816-694-8171. My service areas include South Kansas City and Lee’s Summit.

Deck Needs Repair? Don’t Despair!

Rejuvenated, repaired deck = a happy customer

Sometimes you don’t have the money to replace the entire deck, and that was the situation with my client in Lee’s Summit. She and her husband didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars for a new deck, so they hired me to clean and re-stain the deck.

As you can see in the photo, just by cleaning the boards, making minor repairs where boards were missing and then adding stain, the deck “lost a few years” and appeared newer, with richer, darker wood.

A rejuvenated deck and a happy customer. That made my day.

Ugly Front Doors Are No More!

Homes make first impressions, too

Are your doors and windows looking a little — um — rustic? I can take care of most any exterior “fix” like: painting your front door; installing locks and deadbolts; adjusting and installing door thresholds; replacing screen; and installing pet doors.

If you can envision it, I can probably do it. Request a quote from me today, and let’s talk! I help homeowners in and around the south Kansas City area.