Services — Doors and Windows

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Have doors or windows that need repairing?

If so, this is probably keeping you up at night! Safety and security are even more important these days, and John Stone with Artisan Handyman Services can take care of those nagging repairs you’ve been putting off for far too long.

John can:

  • Install locks and deadbolts
  • Install door frame security reinforcement
  • Adjust and install door thresholds
  • Replace screens
  • Install pet doors
  • Re-glaze windows
  • Replace doors and door casings
  • Install interior and exterior doors
  • Install weather stripping
  • Replace doorknobs
  • Repair doors that are hard to open
  • Adjust and lubricate sliding doors
  • Replace damaged window panes
  • Install security locks on windows
  • Install storm doors

Need a repair of another type? Contact John about your problem.

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