Services — General Interior

interior homeHave a long list of home repairs?

Let John Stone from Artisan Handyman Services tackle your to-do list. He can:

  • Replace hard to access light bulbs
  • Replace electrical fixtures to existing receptacles
    (ceiling fans and chandeliers)
  • Replace old/broken appliance plugs
  • Install water heater insulation blankets
  • Replace a broken sump pump and/or install a battery backup for a sump pump
  • Replace sinks
  • Replace ceiling tiles
  • Replace or repair baseboards
  • Replace/repair vinyl flooring
  • Replace/repair damaged tile
  • Install ceramic tile on floors and walls
  • Install attic ladders
  • Install wainscoting
  • Hang pictures, clocks and plants
  • Interior painting
  • Replace heating and air conditioning filters
  • Hang draperies and install curtain rods
  • Paint doors and windows
  • Install and setup wall mounted TVs
  • Troubleshoot problems in the home

Let AHS know what interior repair you need, and John Stone will contact you. (Yes, he’s a contractor who actually does return phone calls!)

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